To give our customers better orientation, we have awarded products that are manufactured according to organic or sustainable criteria, are particularly linked to old traditions or are characterized by fair production and trade relationships.

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Biological organic production protects the environment and people. This is the prerequisite for a future worth living for our children

⦁ Öko-tex standard 100 is a minimum standard that only guarantees that the products have been tested for harmful substances.

⦁ GOTS (Global organic textile standard) 'Organic' means that at least 95% of the fibers come from controlled organic cultivation. GOTS also defines social and environmental criteria for production.


Doing business with consideration and foresight when it comes to dealing with people and the environment. During production, resources and tangible/intangible goods are protected, especially if they are non-renewable. Sustainability is always focused on the present and the future.


Raw materials are processed and reused in an environmentally friendly manner.


Upcycling is a form of reusing materials (recycling). Seemingly useless waste products are converted into new materials with the help of upcycling. Unlike recycling or downcycling, upcycling involves upgrading the material

fair trade

Fair trade ensures social and economic standards. This is intended to ensure a reasonable existence for the producers in the various regions of the world.

Socially engaged

For our company, social commitment means that you support safe, fair and humane working conditions, make donations, support institutions/facilities socially, do cultural work, and guarantee that people are treated responsibly.

Environmentally friendly

Not (overly) affecting the natural environment


Work done by hand, not by machine, especially for the manufacture of products of traditional origin.


Production in Germany/Europe