The best from the children's world - classic meets modern

It all started in 2004 with a classic concept store, one of the first of its kind in the children's area. At that time, children's furniture, accessories and clothing were still part of the pink and light blue universe, and modernity and zeitgeist had not really arrived in the little ones' rooms.

In short, Petra Lock, founder and owner of Engel & Bengel and herself a mother of 3 children, realized her vision of the modern children's room.

Having children shouldn’t be synonymous with doing without beautiful things and cool design, quite the opposite, the aim was to find well-made, high-quality, modern and traditional products and to discover new talents, in short, to give the outdated children’s rooms a cheerful, modern relaunch to be missed without completely renouncing classics and traditions.

Engel & Bengel went online as early as 2007 and soon joined the successful concept of selling beautiful design, the need to meet the ecological challenges of our time and to help secure the future and quality of life of our children. Right from the start we are looking for products that tell something about their creation, their career or about the people who develop or manufacture them.

For designers who interweave modern forms with the stories behind the designs. Products should be practical and aesthetic, characterized by good design, but also meet the various ecological and ethical challenges. There are now many wonderful small and large labels in the children's furniture, textiles and decoration sectors that work with the idea of ​​sustainable and fair production or are on the way there.

To give our customers better orientation, we have awarded products that are manufactured according to organic or sustainable criteria, are particularly linked to old traditions or are characterized by fair production and trade relationships.

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