Janod confetti xylophone metal

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The xylophone with metal sound bars from Janod's Confetti Music series encourages discovery and trying out. With its good sound, it promotes hearing, and eyesight and motor skills are also trained. Two wooden mallets and 12 sound bars, designed in a confetti look with colorful dots, enable children to play the musical instrument, get to know the different tones and play their own melodies.

Information about Janod confetti xylophone metal from the manufacturer Janod :

Maße L 38,5 x B 16 x H 4,5 cm
Material Holz, Metall
Lieferumfang Xylophon mit 12 Klangplatten, 2 chlegel
Produktdetails von 2 bis 5 Jahren
EAN 2370021737604

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