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Liv Paris rug, recycled cotton, sand/natural

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Hand-woven carpet by Liv Interior, striped in sand/nature, in different sizes. Suitable for indoor use, made from recycled cotton.
True to the motto: WEAR, LOVE, GIVE AND LOVE AGAIN, the rugs are made from recycled cotton by Liv Interior. The hand-woven carpets are something very special, because they are produced in a particularly environmentally friendly and resource-friendly way, making them as sustainable as possible. Fibers are extracted from recycled, color-sorted, industrial clothing, mechanically spun into yarns and wound onto large bobbins in preparation for weaving. The yarns are made up of 85% cotton and 15% other textile fibers. Without the use of chemicals, without chemical coloring and without the addition of latex, the carpets are woven by hand on wooden looms into beautiful carpets. This process creates many color nuances in the processed yarns, making each carpet absolutely unique. The carpets can be washed in the washing machine without any worries because they do not fade and do not shrink. In order to preserve the long durability and the softness of the carpets, a temperature of 30°C is recommended.

For those responsible at LIV Interior, environmental friendliness not only means protecting the air, water and our earth, but also the people of our earth. You attach great importance to safe and fair working conditions for your employees, who are not only treated with respect, but also paid fairly.

Information about Liv Paris rug, recycled cotton, sand/natural from the manufacturer Liv Interior :

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