Maileg mouse little brother with car and garage Yellow

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This time the Maileg mouse "Little Brother Mouse" comes sporty with his metal racing car in yellow. The little brother in the mouse family not only has a stylish vintage car with him, but also his own garage. A plywood mousetrap cleverly repurposed as a garage. The little mouse is a very detailed and finely crafted, small, clothed doll made of cotton and linen with a soft filling and small balls to weigh it down at the back. This time the mouse is wearing a bow tie and a peaked cap. He has a leather tail and the nose, mouth and eyes are embroidered. The 3-part play set is also available in our shop with a blue and green racing car.

Information about Maileg mouse little brother with car and garage Yellow from the manufacturer Maileg :

EAN 5707304109129
Sonstiges Recommended from 0 - 3 years
Pflegehinweis The doll is washable at 30 °C
Zertifikate und Siegel FSC certified wood

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