Nobodinoz Bed Canopy Amour Nude Haiku Birds/Nature

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The bed canopy Amour with the Haiku Birds design in subtle nude from Nobodinoz is a light bed decoration for your baby or children's bed. It creates a feel-good atmosphere and can also serve as a tent and play roof in the children's room. The sky is also ideal as a retreat. Made of the finest, double-layered muslin fabric, in organic cotton quality, soft and flowing, opaque but not opaque, the canopy creates a quiet, cozy corner and is also a beautiful, elegant decoration in the baby and children's room. The Haiku Bird line with the pretty bird motif is based on Japanese design and is intended to take you into the Japanese world with natural colors and clear designs.

Information about Nobodinoz Bed Canopy Amour Nude Haiku Birds/Nature from the manufacturer Nobodinoz :

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