Quax Trendy fall protection for cot 70x140 cm, Griffin Grey

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Fall protection in gray by Quax for the Quax cot from the Trendy Griffin Gray collection with the dimensions 70 x 140 cm. When your child is ready to climb out of bed on their own, you can remove the rail on one side of the bed and attach this fall protection instead. This means your child cannot fall out of bed at night, but can climb out of bed on their own if they want to get up.

You can also find the fall protection for the Quax inderbett in our shop in the following color variants: Griffin Gray and Royal Oak.

Information about Quax Trendy fall protection for cot 70x140 cm, Griffin Grey from the manufacturer Quax :

Maße L 140 x B 26 x T 2 cm
Material MDF Holz, grau lackiert (Wasserlack)
Sonstiges Must be installed by yourself. This piece of furniture comes with a two-year guarantee (from the manufacturer Quax) against production errors. On presentation of proof of purchase and the ID number found on the furniture.
Lieferumfang 1 Rausfallschutz inkl. benötigter Schrauben, Dübel etc.
Produktdetails This piece of furniture corresponds to the safety regulations of the European E1 standard regarding formaldehyde emissions described in the standard EN 716:2008+A1:2013.
Zertifikate und Siegel Wood PEFC and FSC certified.
Hersteller artikelnummer: 54014124XL-BR
EAN 5414375168046
Farbe Grau (Griffin Grey)

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