Solvej baby and children's swing Classic Taupe

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Art.Nr: sol-0002

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The Solvej baby and children's swing in Classic Taupe is a well thought-out, safe and durable swing that can be used for a child from the age of approx. 6 months (as soon as they can sit independently) to approx. 6 years, a good investment for you and the environment. Not only is a swing fun and exciting, but the rocking motion is relaxing, calming, and beneficial to a child's physical and mental health. Thanks to the timeless design and the subtle color from the Natural collection, the swing fits easily into any environment. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, because the seat is made of a stable, resistant, weatherproof and hard-wearing synthetic canvas, the ropes are double braided cords that are also used for sailing and the four poles used are made of solid wood. The swing is closed on the sides and back, has a safety belt and a removable fabric bridge on the front, which is intended to prevent babies and toddlers from slipping forward. The swing is attached to the supplied carabiners and eyebolts. Since the seat for a baby is relatively spacious at the beginning, it is recommended to put a pillow or blanket in the seat if necessary to make the child more comfortable. The conversion from a baby to a toddler swing is done in just a few simple steps. The height of the swing can be easily adjusted to give a child from around 3 years of age the opportunity to use the swing independently. The bridge between the legs is secured with Velcro and snaps and can be folded down and locked onto the underside of the swing, or vice versa, as required. Once the dock has been removed, the front wooden bar can be raised upwards for easier boarding and disembarking. The manufacturers of the Solvej swing attach great importance to high quality standards without neglecting the idea of ​​sustainability. That's why they can give you a 9-year guarantee on the product with a clear conscience. Learn more about using the swing here: Read more about the benefits of rocking here: /file/d/13sneYoZcvfXpAmyu60VNv0kVKndo_dvS/view

Information about Solvej baby and children's swing Classic Taupe from the manufacturer Solvej :

EAN 609728288839
Sonstiges Load capacity: max. 40 kg
Pflegehinweis Seat cover should be cleaned and rinsed regularly with natural soap (water temperature not over 38°C). Do not use detergent. Do not iron. Let air dry.
Produktdetails Up to approx. 2.7 m total height from floor to suspension point possible
Zertifikate und Siegel FSC

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