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Tapis Petit children's rug Lily Clay

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A stylish eye-catcher, not only in the children's room, is the round carpet Lily Clay by Tapis Petit. The brass-colored base is bordered by a black border with cream-colored embroidery and is adorned with fringes.
The rug is made of short-pile, tufted cotton and is cuddly soft. Tapis Petit rugs are handwoven in small workshops in India from natural fibers such as tufted cotton and jute. Each carpet is unique. This is a natural product and can therefore vary slightly in color from rug to rug. According to the manufacturer's instructions, you should vacuum the carpet regularly and carefully and, if necessary, clean it at 30°C (by hand or in the washing machine on a low spin cycle). Use mild detergent. The children's rug may shrink slightly when washed and lose some color.Please note: cotton always feels a little rougher and harder after washing. After washing, hand rub the pile in all directions to help it straighten up and soften. Optionally, after washing, you can tumble dry the rug at a cool temperature (10 -15) and then hang it up to dry completely, which will make it particularly soft again. Do not pull out loose ends, cut them off with sharp scissors. Always follow the care instructions (attached to the rug) and your rug will last for a long time. The carpet can also be taken to a professional cleaning. Please make sure that the company has experience cleaning carpets made of natural fibers.

Information about Tapis Petit children's rug Lily Clay from the manufacturer Tapis Petit :

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