bada&bou da" the jumping rabbit"

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The bouncy bunny "da" from bada&bou combines a playmate, cuddly friend and seat in one and aims to inspire the whole family and future generations. Bounce and roll around like a rubber ball! If you need to catch your breath, you can make yourself comfortable on the cute rabbit for reading or painting. Thanks to his three paws (or rather, the two paws and the little tail), your friend won't roll away even during breaks in the romp. He patiently stays upright to always offer you a cozy spot. The cover is made of a wool blend and has a soft and warm feel. The inside of the bouncy bunny is an inflatable ABS ball for fun hopping and ergonomic sitting. He has reinforced ears to hold on to and three paws for a stable stand. The rabbit has to be inflated with an air pump, an air pump is part of the scope of delivery. On the bottom between the paws is a wide opening for the ABS ball. All Badabouts are currently only available in the color gray melange. With its cute shape and comfortable upholstery, it will quickly become a popular member of the family because it combines motor development with a timeless, elegant and sustainable design. The toy animals are sustainably produced by a high-quality furniture manufacturer in northern Italy with great attention to detail, high-quality materials and a timelessly elegant design.

Information about bada&bou da" the jumping rabbit" from the manufacturer Bada&Bou :

Material Textilbezug: Wollmischung (OEKO-TEX® 100 certified) Innenleben: ABS-Ball
Sonstiges Altersempfehlung: 36+ Monate, Hergestellt in: Italien, belastbar bis ca. 70 kg
Pflegehinweis Mit feuchtem Tuch abwischen
Produktdetails Größe 38 x 38 x 38 , Gewicht 1 kg
Hersteller artikelnummer: da-002
Farbe Grau meliert

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