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Growing Table Mini Bookcase Bookcase in White Birch

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The Pure Position bookshelf is perfect for the children's table for small and large bookworms. Your favorite books and coloring books are always at hand on the small bookshelf on the Growing Table. Schoolchildren can later store the reference works and dictionaries they need to do their homework in it.
With the help of the innovative row of holes, the mini bookshelf is simply inserted, nothing can slip here. The child can combine and organize the boxes according to their own wishes. The storage options for the children's table, such as the note box and pen box, transform the Growing Table into a child-friendly workplace.

The Pure Position Growing Table was nominated for the 2010 design award and awarded the 2008 Focus Green Gold. We think it's right!

Growing Table is made in the non-profit workshop IWL. People with disabilities find a safe job here.

Information about Growing Table Mini Bookcase Bookcase in White Birch from the manufacturer Pure Position :

Maße L 14 x B 14 x H 20 cm
Material Multiplex Birke, weiß beschichtet
Sonstiges Made in Bayern
Farbe Birke, Weiß

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