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Growing Table bench seat in white birch

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The growing children's bench in a puristic, modern design goes perfectly with the Growing Table. The best friend or sibling has enough space to paint and do handicrafts on the innovative children's bench. The bench for children is equipped with height-adjustable legs and grows with the child in 4 stages. Just like the Growing Table, the bench can be used from the age of 2 up to junior age. The different seat heights are adapted to the table accordingly.

The Pure Position Growing Table was nominated for the 2010 design award and awarded the 2008 Focus Green Gold. We think it's right!

Growing Table is made in the non-profit workshop IWL. People with disabilities find a safe job here. You can get Growing Table products individually or as a complete set.

Information about Growing Table bench seat in white birch from the manufacturer Pure Position :

Maße Sitzfläche: 42 x 80 cm, Sitzhöhe: 24,5 / 31,5 / 37,5 / 44 cm
Material Beine: Buche Natur, Multiplex-Platte: Birke, weiß beschichtet
Sonstiges Made in Bayern
Farbe Buche, Weiß

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