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Mathy by bols:

This original children's bed from Mathy by bols in the shape of a caravan will make even the most active night owls weak. Nerve-wracking bedtime is now a thing of the past. The bed is made for little globetrotters and transforms the children's room into an adventure playground. The caravan bed always has a bed drawer but can be ordered with or without a chest and trailer hitch (you can order these later at any time). The bed has an open and a closed side. Optionally, the door can be mounted on the right or left. On the other side there is then a closed side wall. The bed also has an open roof with a blind. Inside, this version has a box along the mattress, two shelves and two coat hooks. Two reflectors are supplied for the outside and the number plate that can be personalized (max. 8 characters, please specify your choice when ordering) is particularly original and comes with every caravan bed. It is also possible to place the bed in the middle of the room. It then has an entry and exit opening on two sides and requires an additional wheel and, if desired, an additional door (both subject to a charge, please specify when ordering) the shelves are omitted in this case, only the continuous box next to the mattress is then included included. The caravan bed is available in many colours; on request, we would be happy to send you a color card in PDF format or a color sample by post. The bed drawer of the caravan bed is always in the color basalt grey. Please note that the "untreated" variant is intended for painting the bed according to your own wishes and ideas and that the raw MDF is visible. Optionally, you can also order the bed drawer in basalt gray with this variant (for a fee).

Information about Mathy by bols bed caravan bed from the manufacturer Mathy by bols :

Sonstiges passendes Matratzenmaß 90x190 cm
Produktdetails mit: CAR LIT 90 F CAR SOCLE CAR TIM COF ohne: CAR LIT 90 F CAR SOCLE
EAN 5400542699994

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