Mathy by bols

Mathy by bols railway wagon bunk bed

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This spectacular Mathy by Bols bunk bed with drawers is a train lover's dream. At night your children travel to dreamland and during the day the children's room becomes an adventure playground. The stable construction offers plenty of storage space. The ladder can be mounted on the left as well as on the right. The drawers (always in basalt gray and the wheels on them always in black), the ladder (color freely selectable), the shelves and the end-to-end storage boxes (color freely selectable) are included in the scope of delivery. However, an optional desk and an additional shelf can be purchased separately. There are many beautiful colors available. You can see this in the detail screen. On request, we will be happy to send you a color chart in PDF format. Please note that the "untreated" variant is intended for painting the bed according to your own wishes and ideas. We think that the two-tone bed (5% surcharge) looks particularly good. The ladder and the shelves in the bed (see overview detail image) can be ordered in a different colour. So first choose the main color and put the bed in the shopping cart. In the further course of the order - on the page where you have to enter your addresses - let us know in the message field "Your message to us" which color the ladder and the shelves/boxes should have.

Information about Mathy by bols railway wagon bunk bed from the manufacturer Mathy by bols :

Sonstiges passendes Matratzenmaß: 90x190 cm
Farbe Unbehandelt

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