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Muba Bespoke 3 door wardrobe 109x213 cm

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The 3-door wardrobe from MUBA Bespoke offers plenty of space for laying and hanging the wardrobe.
The left third of the cabinet interior is equipped with four shelves; a clothes rail and 2 shelves are located on the right side of the closet.
Like all furniture from MUBA Bespoke, this cupboard can also be configured according to your wishes and, for example, can be supplemented with a drawer element on the inside or ordered with reversed interior fittings.
Please talk to us about your ideas - we will be happy to advise you! You can find more information about configuring your dream bed here . We have put together a picture gallery for you to provide you with further inspiration.
Colors In addition to the body color, the color of individual elements or accessories can also be chosen as desired.

The PANCAKE oak decor can be used as an accent on: desks (tops and legs), bookshelves, cupboards, drawer fronts, chest lids, container lids, handles and panels.

Handles Doors or drawers can be opened using recessed grips, knobs or strips.
Name engraving Footboards, drawers or boxes can be personalized with the child's name, the motif shown or a word.
Fronts In addition to the smooth "LISO" front, there are the variants "BAY" with vertical grooves, "Cabana" with horizontal grooves and the "ROUNDY" option with horizontal grooves and a rounded top edge.
Dimensions MUBA Bespoke carries cabinets in heights of 213cm and 247cm, widths are in 16", 21.5", 75cm, 41", 43", 47", 54". cm, 152.4 and 201.2 cm available. As a special solution, there is also a corner cupboard with side dimensions of 101x101 cm in the range. All wardrobes are available with different interior fittings: you can design the wardrobes as required with shelves, clothes rails or drawer elements.
For even more freedom when designing your closet, MUBA Bespoke offers a modular closet system in which the closet modules, side panels, base and ceiling finishes can be put together individually.
The quality of the carefully selected material and the well thought-out design enable the furniture to have a long service life and years of flexibility with regard to the changing requirements of a children's room. This production, which is individually tailored to the individual customer, is also very resource-saving and sustainable, since production is only made to order.
The furniture shown here in the shop only gives a first impression of the almost endless possibilities in terms of customization.
We would be happy to advise you and together we will find the best furniture for your home, tailored to your preferences, needs and taste.
For larger projects, the MUBA Bespoke team also provides support with 3D visualization.

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