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Oliver Furniture Wood Original mezzanine bed white/oak 90x200 cm

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At night you can dream wonderfully in the beautiful half-high loft bed Wood Original by Oliver Furniture. During the day, the cuddly cave under the half-height bunk bed offers space for playing and hiding. The round shapes of the Wood Original children's bed are reminiscent of the style of the 1950s, but the Scandinavian lightness that Oliver Furniture stands for does not have to be foregone.
The lower bed height creates closeness between child and parents. With a 13 cm high mattress, the lying height is 104 cm. The straight ladder is attached to the front on the left side to save space (installation on the right is not possible), so that the loft bed can also be used for smaller children's rooms.
Suitable for the standard mattress size of 90x200 cm. We will be happy to order all conversion sets for you on request!
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Information about Oliver Furniture Wood Original mezzanine bed white/oak 90x200 cm from the manufacturer Oliver Furniture :

Maße L 207 x B 97 (105 inkl. Leiter) x H 138 cm
Material Massivholz Birke, Beine 100% Eichenholz, MDF, ungiftige wasserbasierte Lacke
Sonstiges Für Matratzen in 90 x 200 x 13 cm geeignet
Lieferumfang Oliver Furniture Wood Original halbhohes Hochbett, Rausfallschutz, Leiter, ein Rolllattenrost
Produktdetails Maximale Gewichtsbelastung des Lattenrostes (statisches Gewicht): 120 kg
Zertifikate und Siegel FSC certified European materials, non-toxic water-based paints
Hersteller artikelnummer: 041573
EAN 5711692415731
Farbe Weiß, Eiche

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