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Oliver Furniture Wood play trapeze

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The Wood play trapeze from Oliver Furniture, with its round shapes and clear lines, can be supplemented with your own toys as you wish and trains the little ones' hand-eye coordination. The five drilled slotted holes fit most activity toys, allowing them to be adjusted according to child's preferences or developmental level. The solid wooden construction can withstand even the most eager babies, making it a durable toy that can be passed on to the next generation.

Information about Oliver Furniture Wood play trapeze from the manufacturer Oliver Furniture :

Maße B 63 x T 42 x H 48 cm
Zertifikate und Siegel The Wood play trapeze is made in Europe and meets the strict EU standards for safety and health. Non-toxic white oil is used for surface treatment
Hersteller artikelnummer: 41624
Farbe weiß geölte Eiche

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