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The Clément chair by Coclico, which matches the Camille table, is suitable for children from the age of two or from when the child can stand up safely. It has a backrest made of wool felt that allows comfortable sitting. Through the combination of natural materials, the child experiences the different surfaces of smooth, hard wood and soft felt. The high chair changes its location as the child wishes. Because of the narrow cross braces and its low weight, it has a good grip on the children's chair. CLÉMENT GROWS WITH the children's chair CLÉMENT can be increased by 5 cm using the screw-on extensions. So he remains a faithful companion for the child for a long time. (coc-0004)

Materials used for the furniture:

Chair legs: OAK The oak we use is a solid solid wood from European trees with a unique structure. Oak is a hard, durable wood that still has a certain flexibility. The wood used is PEFC™ or FSC® certified and comes from sustainable forestry.
Seat: VALCHROMAT® Valchromat® is not just simple MDF. It is an innovative further development of the well-known MDF. The added value of Valchromat is not only its colour, but also its particular composition and manufacturing process. The fibers are individually colored with organic dyes and pressed with a special glue to form a colored wood fiber board. This is how Valchromat gets its unique mechanical properties, structure and beauty. Valcromat is chain of custody certified according to the PEFC™ and FSC® C101993 standards and is also recyclable.
Backrest: WOOL FELT The wool felt used is made from 100% wool fibers from Merino sheep. The wool becomes felted through the use of natural soap, hot water and fulling. This wool felt used is fully recyclable and complies with the highest standards UNE-EN 71-2, UNE-EN 71-3 and Oeko-Tex 100.
COCLICO furniture offers space for the child throughout the home. All children's furniture encourages the child to be independent. The design follows a clear and puristic line, the furniture radiates calm and order and can be easily integrated into any interior. The production of the furniture is based on four principles: they work locally, inclusively, sustainably and ecologically. This is how they understand their responsibility for people and nature.

Information about Coclico children's chair Clément from the manufacturer Coclico :

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