Mathy by bols

Mathy by bols hut bunk bed loft bed pine wood + MDF

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With this original hut bed from Mathy by bols, the wildest dreams of little adventurers come true. The bunk bed, reminiscent of a tree house, transforms the children's room into an adventure playground during the day and into a safe and comfortable night's quarters at night. Available in many beautiful colors; on request we will be happy to send you a color card in PDF format.
Please note that the "untreated" variant is intended for painting the bed according to your own wishes and ideas.
For safety reasons, the mattress should not exceed a height of 15 cm, otherwise the recommended distance of 16 cm between the mattress and the top edge of the fall protection can no longer be guaranteed.

Information about Mathy by bols hut bunk bed loft bed pine wood + MDF from the manufacturer Mathy by bols :

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